dj2Long ago, music was sung live by singers as no recording and playing medium was available in the past. Then came the time when LP records were recorded and played on Gramophones. Subsequently the Gramophones were replaced by the audio cassette players. Then, came the time of CD players and the DVD players. As the time changed, all these things gave way to the much advanced digital music. CD players are a thing of the past now. Many brands have developed their music DJ players using the digital technology and have been successful in making some of the most popular music DJ softwares. But the leader in the world of digital music DJ softwares is the Virtual DJ software. Its immense popularity is the result of its numerous functions which are not available with any other DJ system.

With so many functions in hand, the jockey has the leverage to entertain the listeners in one of the most creative and innovative way. The jockey can compose his own tunes and music also. The unique functions like Automix which helps the users to automatically mix two or more songs and play at the same times makes it a unique product. This was not possible in the conventional DJs. Even now, it is not possible in other software systems.

Many versions of the Virtual DJ software system have been developed and readily available in the market. The first one was the trial version. It was the simplest version. The second in line is the Pro version which had many new functions in it. Video support, 99 decks feature and content unlimited feature was an addition in this version. These are not present in the trial version. There are more add on functions which are not compatible with the trial version but easily compatible with the Pro version